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made from plants ... for a healthier planet.

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matter products will compost and

disappear in soil in a matter of months.

We all make choices that affect the health of our families and our planet. These remarkable Matter™ products are made using natural, renewable and sustainable fibers and resins that will compost in a matter of months versus plastic that can take hundreds or even thousands of years to break down.

do the comparison!

Matter Biopolymer

& Plant-Based Fiber

100% Compostable

within 12 months

Guaranteed breakdown

in soil

From nature, back to nature:

made from sustainable and renewable materials

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Can take hundreds or

thousands of years to decompose 

Less than 10% of plastic is actually recycled

Large environmental footprint

Entire lifecycle minimizes waste

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More production and

end-of-life waste

Valuable soil nutrients added back into the earth

Negatively affects the health of animals, birds,

and aquatic life

Performance comes

with drawbacks

No compromise with strength & durability

Toxin free

Fiber items are

microwave safe

Made from toxic petrochemicals

Toxins in plastic may leach into food

Disposable plastics are not microwave safe

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from nature . . . back to nature.

All Matter products will fully breakdown in any composting environment, home or industrial, in a fraction of the time that it takes plastic. As they compost Matter products provide valuable nutrients for the soil versus the toxins that plastic leaves.

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matter has a complete line of 100% compostable products for all of your everyday needs.

Matter has a better solution than plastic for almost all of your disposable one-use product needs.


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Snack, Sandwich & Storage Bags

Kitchen Bags

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Plates & Bowls

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Matter Food Wrap 1 for Web.png

Food Wrap

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Cups & Straws

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Gloves & Aprons

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Matter™ products are made using NatureStar’s proprietary and internationally certified technologies. As part of our sustainable process, plants are converted into a strong biopolymer that has all of the attributes of traditional plastic except that the finished product will fully compost in just a matter of months. 

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uses sustainable

plant parts that

would normally

be discarded

or burned. 

NatureStar uses sustainable plant parts that would normally be discarded or    burned.

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The NatureStar

conversion process

uses far less energy

than plastic


NatureStar uses far less energy to convert raw materials into product compared to conventional


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scrap is ground

into flake and



scrap is ground

into flakes and


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waste provides earth

with valuable


When composted,

NatureStar products release important

nutrients back into

the earth.

Highly Sustainable







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certifications that matter.

Many Matter products are certified BPI Compostable. BPI is North America’s leading certifier of compostable products and packaging. The BPI logo displayed on Matter product ensures that each product has gone through rigorous, 3rd party testing, and has been certified as compostable through municipal and commercial composting, according to scientifically based standards.

Other Matter products have been certified compostable by TUV Austria. TUV Austria, an international corporation, has served as a pioneer in the field of composting standards. It sets out technical requirements a product has to meet to obtain certification. TUV has certification programs for both home and industrial composting, and is present on many Matter products. 

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NatureStar is proud to be a partner of Folds of Honor.

By purchasing Matter products you help fund educational scholarships for the families of fallen or injured American heroes.