Matter-Why Matter
High performance products that are actually good for the planet.
When we set out to make a viable alternative to traditional and degradable plastic, we had two goals:
dirt and plates
Bringing valuable nutrients back to Earth.
Matter products are nontoxic and, if composted properly, return natural, plant-based nutrients back into the earth as they compost in 12 months or less, producing nutrient-rich soil.
The Differences that Matter
Comparing our products to the status quo.
1 year vs. Many
Matter products break down and enrich
the soil faster than most alternatives.
In some cases, up to 1,000 times faster.
Matter-Our Technology
Performance Matters
Matter's plant-based biopolymer and fiber products are high-performing replacements for traditional plastic. Our biopolymer bags are strong, durable, and resist tearing. And our fiber items are leak-resistant and microwave safe.
Our technology
Enhance, not endanger
Matter's plant-based biopolymer products return valuable nutrients back to the soil, when composted properly, and Matter's nontoxic products provide a safe alternative for your food and the planet.
How it's made Matters
High-quality products that are manufactured with the health of the earth in mind.
Matter's sustainable
manufacturing process
  • No products made from trees
  • Re-uses crop waste
  • No added PFAS additive, BPA free
Wood, plastic & chemical-
based fiber processes
  • Can contribute to deforestation
  • Can contribute to crop waste & burning
  • Potentially toxic byproducts
Waste Bags
Matter biopolymer waste bag products are strong, durable, resist tearing, and are a high-performing alternative to traditional plastic waste bags. Plus, our drawstrings give you the performance and convenience you have come to expect.
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Food storage
Don't compromise strength and performance when you make the green choice. Matter's plant-based biopolymer products have the performance you have come to expect from food storage bags, including seals to keep foods fresh. And you don't have to worry about spreading any potentially harmful chemicals into the environment.
Choose high-performance, plant-based tableware from Matter. Our fiber plates, bowls, and biopolymer straws give you the same quality you expect. Matter products are sturdy and won't lose their shape or leak – so you can use them with confidence – then feel good knowing they'll fully compost within 12 months!
Plates & Bowls
Matter biofibers are engineered to maintain their integrity and resist leaks even with hot, greasy foods or standing liquids. Our high-performing tableware provides the strength you expect without the risk of spreading harmful chemicals into the environment.
Eco-Smart Production
Using less power,
for more impact.
Creating Matter uses far less energy to convert sustainable raw materials into product compared to conventional manufacturing, all contributing to a smaller carbon footprint throughout product lifecycles.
How we do it
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