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comparing matter.

When we first started out to make a viable alternative to traditional and degradable plastic for many disposable home products we had two important criteria:  It had to work in two important ways: One, it had to fully compost in a short period of time and two, it had to perform as well,

if not better, than its plastic counterpart. 

matter products turn into dirt...

The NatureStar technology used in Matter products turns plants into a biopolymer that is in turn made into bags, plates, cutlery, aprons and more disposable products. Every Matter product will fully compost in a matter of months versus plastic alternatives that can take hundreds of years. Consider this ... every piece of plastic that has ever been made, all 8.3 billion metric tons of it, is still here with us. The Matter fork you put into compost today will no longer be around in less than 1 year.  

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...good dirt.

While traditional plastic is breaking down it leaves toxins that leach into our soil, water tables and can even enter the food we eat. Matter products, however, return natural plant-based nutrients back into the earth as they compost...from nature, back to nature.

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no compromise!

Matter products perform as well or better than their traditional plastic counterparts.

There is a common misconception that you have to compromise quality and performance when you use plastic replacement products that are far better for the environment and your health. That is simply NOT the case with Matter products using NatureStar technologies.

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Matter bioplastic bag products have the same tensile strength and resist tearing as well or better than traditional plastic bags. The fresh lock

seal on Matter sandwich, snack and storage bags works identically to the closures on national brand products and the ties on Matter kitchen bags securely and tightly close the same way that traditional kitchen bags close.

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Matter bioplastic food wrap has the same tactile feel, stretch strength and cling as the national brands.

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Matter injection molded and protruded bioplastic products have the same or more strength and heat resistance than traditional plastic products. Matter forks, spoons and knives are engineered to be sturdy even with hot foods and will consistently retain strong piercing and slicing performance. Matter straws will also retain their strength and shape even with hot liquids.

Matter plant-based fiber products meet or exceed the performance of similar traditional plastic products without the risk of toxic leaching.

Matter fiber is designed to maintain its integrity and not allow even hot and greasy foods or standing milk and cereal soak through.

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compare matter with degradable plastics

Recently, the introduction of "degradable" plastics has received considerable attention.

However, many of these plastic can cause environmental issues and possible human health problems.


Degradable Plastic 

Made from sustainable and renewable plants

Many are petroleum based with toxic chemical additives

100% Compostable

Need light and heat to biodegrade neither of which are found in landfills where most plastic ends up

Leaves zero toxicity and no microplastics

In environments that have light and heat, like our oceans, degradable plastic turns into microplastics

The average person consumes 70,000

microplastics each year.