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When we first started out to make a viable alternative to traditional and degradable plastic for many one-use home products we had two important criteria: 1. It had to work, meaning it had to fully compost in a short period of time and 2. It had to work, meaning it had to perform as well, if not better, than its plastic counterpart. 

Matter products turn into dirt...

The Nature Star technology used matter products turns plants into biopolymer that is in turn made into bags, plates, cutlery, aprons and more one-use products we all use and dispose each day. Every Matter products will fully compost in soil in a matter of months versus plastic alternatives that can take hundreds of years. Consider this ... every piece of plastic that has ever been made, all 8.3 billion metric tons of it, is still here with us. The Matter fork you put into compost today will no longer be around in less than 1 year.  

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...good dirt.

While traditional plastic is breaking down it leaves toxins that leach into our soil, water tables and can even enter the food we eat. Matter products, however, return natural plant-based nutrients back into the earth as they compost.

Trash talking.

Recently, the introduction of "degradable" plastics has received considerable attention. However, many of these plastics can cause environmental issues and possible human health problems.

Most degradable plastics are still petroleum-based with chemical additives. These additives accelerate the breakdown into microplastics with exposure to heat and UV light, neither of which are readily available in landfills rendering the composting rate back to the slow pace of traditional plastics. In environments where degradable plastic does successfully breakdown, like the ocean, the microplastics that result can be extremely harmful for the animals and fish that live there.

Scientists estimate that there are 500 times more tiny pieces of microplastic in our seas than there are stars in our galaxy. 


A Matter of fact.

Conversely, Matter products, using Nature Star technology are 100% compostable.

A Matter product’s footprint will be gone from the planet within 12 months, leaving no toxicity or microplastic contamination behind.

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Great Performance...Naturally.

The Nature Star research and development lab spent years developing an all natural plant conversion formula and manufacturing process that resulted in a finished product that matches the performance of similar traditional or degradable plastic products.

Matter Snack Bag Cherries for

Matter Kitchen Bags stretch without tearing or splitting with the same consistency as traditional plastic trash bags. They are available in 3 sizes and either come with Secure Tie Lock closure straps or Top Tie closure.  

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Matter Snack, Sandwich and Storage Bags all have the same tensile strength as traditional plastic bags. They all feature our Fresh Lock Seal

closure that securely snaps in freshness.

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Matter Food Wrap stretches and clings with the same degree of tensile strength and grip as traditional food wrap. It is available in 200 and 400 square foot sizes and is easily dispensed from the same type of box with a metal cutting edge that provides quick clean cuts.